Am I able to modify the "cell" render view mode?

Hi there,

I am very impressed with the capabilities of the dhtmlxScheduler and I am interested in using it to create a hotel room availability calendar for one of my clients. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Currently, when an agent goes to book a room for a guest, the agent allocates the guests a room type - not a particular room. A room type will have a number of available rooms for a given day. I would like to create a calendar where the number of rooms available for a particular day is displayed. For example, if the hotel has a total of 6 Luxury Suites, and 4 of them are booked for Jan 11th 2018, then โ€˜2โ€™ is displayed in the cell.

If this is possible, that would be fantastic. Further, the agent should be able to drag across the days that they would like to make a booking, and a booking could be made, so long as there is a room available.

The closest I have seen to my requirements is using the โ€œcellโ€ render for the view, however it looks like the cell mode only displays the number of bookings on the particular day, not how many rooms are available (the inverse).

If someone could confirm that it is possible to fulfill these requirements and point me in the right direction to develop such a thing, it would be greatly appreciated.


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The only built-in way how to add HTML content that will be added to the cells in Timeline I can suggest you is to use markTimespan or addMarkedTimespan and its โ€˜htmlโ€™ property.