Ampersand problem


i am initializing the grid via hidden text area. i am getting the data from a tree. Some nodes have an ampersand (&) in the node text. On (tree-)click, i wil use the grid.addrow method.
If i use the text ‘Smith & Wesson’ the grid display’s . When loading the page new and filling the
textarea with the serialzed data, i will get an error. You may reproduce this, using the samples
changing some text. If i add the row data using a CDATA encapsulation, the grid displays
nothing. Serialization brings up empty values …

This can be also reproduced by sample

In the javascript popup enter and the grid display nothing.

Best regards, Stefan

You may try to use edtxt or txttxt types instead of ed or txt accordingly.
They treat values as pure text, so no HTML is allowed and all special chars can be set without escaping.