An Error type : LoadXML description : Incorrect XML occurs


I got a sample source code of java version of dhtmlx scheduler. The sample.war is deployed in tomcat and a database connection is set with the mysql database. In that, examples are given for each components of dhtmlxconnector. For dhtmlx Scheduler two links such as basic init and recurring events are given . When i click any of these links an alert is pops up showing " Error type : LoadXML description : Incorrect XML ".

Events created are not saved in the databse.

can anyone please help me with a solution?

Also how to make a mutiple resource view?

pls reply me soon…

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Such error occurs if xml stream is incorrect ( incorrect syntax or encoding problems ) - you can try to load the same URL in separate window of browser, it will provide exta information about reasons of the problem.

In case of sample.war - please be sure that dump.sql was imported in DB, it contains data for the samples.

I am also getting the same Error type : LoadXML description : Incorrect XML.
It works in my computer and the same code is deployed in my friends computer but it is not working . Any idea about this? Expecting your reply soon.

Karthick K.


have a look at the article … orrect_xml

I had used dhtmlxcommon_debug.js to track the error. It shows like this
XML: false

What might went wrong? do you have any idea?

Karthick K.


probably it means that such a file exists and loaded. But the xml in it is incorrect. Try to check all points from the article … orrect_xml

Yes you are right.

Karthick K.

Hi !

I had the same error when used chrome but with IE 8 i don’t have troubles


Ive got the same problem but only on one computer and only with one browser. I’ve got 3 PCs and each of them have both IE8 and Firefox 3.6 Viewing my web page with Scheduler works on all computers in both Firefox and and IE8 except on one of the computers where it works in IE8 but not Firefox. This clearly tells me that there is no issue on the server or with the install but there is an issue with browser on 1 PC . I get the same message as everyone else:
Error type: LoadXML
Description: Incorrect XML

It’s driving me crazy and doesn’t leave me with any confidence to continue running the plugin. Any help appreciated.

I reinstaled (repaired) Firefox 3.6 and the error disappeared.
Error type: LoadXML
Description: Incorrect XML


The problem is back. Reinstalling FF was a temporary fix only. after a 2nd page reload the error returned. It’s very strange. The schedule plugin works on one computer with Firefox, but not on a 2nd computer with Firefox??? I don’t get it.

This thread is a little bit older, but i´ve had the same problem now.

Works fine in IE - but occurs Erros in FF6.

After a long search and tryed everything - the solution for me was quiet simple.

I´ve added in PHP:

    header ("Content-Type:text/xml");  

And it worked in Firefox too.

Hope this could help other to fix similar problems.

Michael … orrect_xml

Notice this page claims you need a header of “Content-Type: text/xml”. That content-type is actually intended for HUMAN readable XML. The correct content-type MIME for AJAX parsing is “application/xml”.

Even with that said, the real issue with their whole AJAX XML loading isn’t even the XML itself. They sit and blame that aspect constantly, but after extensive testing of their library, I’ve found that it can’t properly detect valid HTTP responses. It should be checking for a successful request with code 200 before even attempting to parse the result. Instead it assumes (incorrectly) that every request will simply work because networks are always 100% reliable. This is the kind of mistake I expect to see from college students, not from a private company selling a software library that costs thousands of dollars.

If anything this experience has taught me to stay away from DHTMLX as a whole. Heed my warning if you’re reading this and consider using another solution all together if you can.


in header

Works fine now