ANDROID 4.0 scrolling

Hi, we are developping mobile applications based on your dhtmlxtouch (works great), but…

I have tested it on chrome browser, on my HTC EVO 3D -> android 2.3.4, on huawei media pad -> Android 3.2… Everything was perfect…

Yesterday I bought Prestigio PMP5097CPRO -> with android 4.0, and for my surprise scrolling isn’t working (lists, dataviews, grids, popups…).

First I thought, that I have some error’s in my code, so I tried your samples e.g. “dhtmlxTouch\samples\applications\menu” -> and the same… I can not scroll…

Everything else is working on this tablet, except dhtmlx scrolling… I don’t know if it is tablet error, or android error, or webview?? Have you tested your library on android 4.0… it is working allright? Does it scroll??


I didn’t bought the product, but I have just tried it with BlackBerry 9300 (it is not android) and it doesn’t show any Scroll bar either.

I am about to evaluate this product for a project, and this aspect is critical. It would be great if this is only a bug and not a feature.

Please, clarify it this is a bug that is going to be resolved in a near future.

Another comment, regarding this the lack of scrolling.
With the BlackBerry, if you move the mouse to the right side of the screen a tiny shadow appears. It seems a scroll bar. It is looks like the Facebook scroll bar of your friend’s activities.
It is too thin and there is no way to grab it.

Hi, I had upgraded android from 3.2 to 4.0 on my huawey media pad… and everything (scrolling) is OK… I hope it was only mistake on my prestigio tablet…