I have created an application that uses imagebuttons that work in iOS, Chrome, Safari, Foxfire etc but when I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy II the imagebuttons did not respond.

Is this a recognised problem and is there a work around that anyone knows of (apart from not using imagebuttons)?

We can’t confirm such problem from our side.
Can you provide any kind of sample | demo link or a code snippet with which issue can be reconstructed ?

Thanks for getting back - these are examples of an imagebuttons that don’t work on the Samsung Galaxy II:

{ view: "toolbar", height: 40, cols: [ { view: "imagebutton", label: "", align: "left", src: "./images/home_left.gif", click: function () { $$("menucontainer").show(); } }, { view: "imagebutton", label: "", align: "right", src: "./images/admin_right.gif", click: function () { $$("adminContainer").show(); } } ] }

We have not reproduced the problem locally. I’ve attached the complete demo that we tested - please check.

Note that the event occurs only when you click on an icon (clicks in outside area are not processed). (204 KB)

Thanks for replying, I’ll have a look asap.