Anglar gantchartt null value

whene i insert or update null value are insert plz can you help me i use dhtmlx are service work get and delete

Hello Roufa,
Unfortunately, it is not clear what actually happens.
Please, give me more details about your case and send me your angular project so that I can reproduce the issue locally.

my prblem is i use core whene i insert with post man it work but whene i use angular 7 as frantend it send a null value to database , plz can you send me you mail to send my angular project i need help

Hello Roufa,
You can send me your angular project in PM.

Hello Roufa,
Thank you for sending me the project.
I don’t specialize in Angular and ASP.NET, so I won’t be able to tell you what is wrong in Angular configuration or on the backend side.
But I see that when you initialize the data processor, you probably do not attach it to Gantt. So when I add a task (even without the backend), Gantt doesn’t try to send the data to the server side:
Screenshot by Lightshot
But after I add the data processor correctly, Gantt tries to send the data to the server side:

/*const dp = gantt.createDataProcessor({
	task: {
		update: (data: Task) => this.taskService.update(data),
		create: (data: Task) => this.taskService.insert(data),
		delete: (id) => this.taskService.remove(id)
	link: {
		update: (data: Link) => this.linkService.update(data),
		create: (data: Link) => this.linkService.insert(data),
		delete: (id) => this.linkService.remove(id)
var dp = new gantt.dataProcessor("/api");