Another dhtmlxCalendar and dhtmlxWindow

I have the same issue in that I have 3 mini calendars on a page. I also have a dropdown list that pops up a dhtmlxWindow. The problem is that the window appears below the calendar. I tried adjusting the z-index in the style sheet of the dhtmlxcalendar to no avail. The window is still underneath the calendars. My code for the window is as follows:

function openWin(navform)


selecteditem = navform.url.selectedIndex;

formurl = navform.url.options[ selecteditem ].value;

if(formurl == ‘’){



var dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows(this.form);

var win = dhxWins.createWindow(“window”, 100, 100, 800, 500);;


win.setText(“Calendar Updates”);




I call it using the following:

where each option is set to a url.

Pulling hair out here. Thanks for help in advance.



z-index of the dhtmlxCalendar is bigger that dhtmlxWindow z-index.

You can decrease calendar z-indexas follows:

.dhtmlxcalendar {

If you set skin to the calendar, the class name, that can be redefined, will be .dhtmlxcalendar_[skin_name]. For example: