Another Wordpress/DHTMLX General Question


I am about to embark on another technical interface (fairly complex) for a device installation on a private network–it would also have a light-version public-facing component. I am familiar with the DHX toolkit and prefer it over EXT-JS or jQuery and the others…but, this would require merging the components into a “responsive” Wordpress layout.

As the technical component would be a single-page-app, I don’t foresee any huge issues, and most of the data updates would be from Server Side Events, which has worked well for me in the past; but, you know the DHX back end far better than I do.

Is this something you would avoid, or do you think it would be fairly easy to implement, given some experience with your product?

Thanks for the input.


I don’t see any problems here. DHTMLX interface can be configured to auto-size self for the html container, in that it was initialized. The UI itself will not rearrange self, just change sizes. That is enough if you need to support desktops and tablets. Creating complex UI that will work equally well on desktops and phones is a bit problematic ( that is not DHTMLX issue, just the common problem - you can’t fit a complex UI on phone screen, so you need to create two version, or use a simple UI on all devices )



I will proceed and contact sales regarding a distributed license.