Any coldfusion developer able to port over using scheduler

I’m interested using the scheduler but doesn’t know how to use it for coldfusion.
I tried to use the sample given by one of the forumers but can’t make it run. The cf version is …

I also don’t know how to call the cfc given as below:
<cfset request.dhtmlxConnectors[“scheduler”] = “dhtmlx.dhtmlxConnector_cfm.codebase.SchedulerConnector”>

What path do i need to change so that I could follow the code above.

Any cf expert around could help me on this?

Well I’m no expert but you need to create a mapping in CF Admin that points to the folder that SchedulerConnector is in. For instance, if your directory is connector_cf->and in that directory is the codebase folder -> containing SchedulerConnector, I would name my Mapping dhtmlx, supply the path mentioned above and the change “dhtmlx.dhtmlxConnector_cfm.codebase.SchedulerConnector” to “dhtmlx.connector_cf.codebase.SchedulerConnector”.

That should point you in the right direction.