Any way to obtain row selected state ?

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling to get something implemented for the last couple of days and I could do with some suggestions if possible.

The background:

Basically I have a grid populated with a number of records, what I need to do is if the user selects a given row the db record pertaining to that user is updated with the information, if they then select the row again the record is removed.

The problem:

I cannot find an on row deselect event for DHTMLX Grid rows, so is there anyway I can grab the current rows selection state and say something like:

If ( row state == selected) {
// do this
else {
// do this

I would use click and double click events but my client has said they dont want this behaviour as they find it confusing :confused: .
Is there in fact an on row deselect event that I’ve missed? Seems an odd omission to have a row select event and no matching row deselect event.

You may try to use onBeforeSelect() event: … foreselect