Any way to position the loading animation?

Did some searching through these forums, and found nothing, so… we have a timeline view, where the number of y-items is more than will fit on a single screen. We’ve also included “show_loading = true”, but the progress bar animation is showing up too far down the page to be visible. It looks like it is being positioned to be in the middle of the page instead of the middle of the viewable screen.

I “froze” the loading animation and inspected it to find the “dhx_loading” class that it uses, but styling that class doesn’t help because the div tag itself is written out with in-line positioning that overrides the class styling. Does anyone know if there is a way to manually position the loading animation?


We can confirm the issue. Fix will be added to the next version, as for now you can modify css class like next

top:100px !important;

That works great! (I’m not primarily a “CSS guy”, so I didn’t know about !important.) Thanks!