anyone can make simple a dhx.extend() demo for me?

Hello, everyone. I think dhx.extend() is a very important method in dhx. But currently, I still do not understand how dhx.extend work.
I think the usages of dhx.extend() is to add a new function for a exist object. But I think I need a full example.
By the way, what’s means early binding and late binding?
what is dhx.proto() and how to use it?
Thanks in advanced.


dhx.extend can be used to extend one object with methods and properties of another one:

var a = { methodA1:functoin(){ ... }, ... }; var b = { methodB1:functoin(){ ... }, ... }; dhx.extent(a,b);

In the result object a will get all elements of b object.

dhx.proto and dhx.protoUI can be used to create new components: … components … rm_control

dhx.protoUI takes object with component methods and properties as the first parameter. Other parameters are modules that it needs extend.