Anyone with experience with dhtmlxGantt want to make money?

I am looking to integrate dhtmlxGantt in a project I am working on but there is a few things I need custom. I have been waiting for dhtmlxGantt to add the functionality themselves but I can’t wait any longer.

The main thing I am looking for is multiple resources. I want to be able to assign multiple people to an item. I want these resources to be pulled from a table that already exists.

I also want dhtmlxGantt to pull data from and save data to a table that already exists. It needs to integrate with a web program that I have already created.

My existing program is made in PHP and MySQL. If anyone is interested in doing these customizations for me, let me know. We will pay for them.


Hi. Im working in a project that does what you are planning to do. Have you found some one to do this?