Anyway to customize the date/time picker in lightbox?

Is it possible to only have a date picker (not time) in the lightbox?


Yes. You can find more details on the page:
Example that demonstrates how it works:

oh thanks! didn’t see that.

So if we’re just doing full day events (it’s a vacation planner) can we just pick start/end dates (no time picker)?

Yes, you can hide select with time by CSS. In this case time will be set as 00:00.

Also check the info about full_day configuration:

Yea, I saw that. I am using it, and I get a “Full Day” checkbox in the lightbox, but it also shows time still.

I wonder if some of the other config settings we are doing might be interfering with it?
we also set things like (some of these were to get all day behaviors):

and we use onBeforeLightbox to force the start/end time

I am actually cleaning up some some of the above (removed all of those mentioned). But I am still getting the time portion along with the “Full Day” check box.

If you have another behaviour in your app as in the sample
it means that you did something that redefined it. I can’t answer you what it is while I don’t see your code. Please reproduce the issue using dhtmlx snippet system and send me the updated link. It will help me to understand the cause of the issue.

That sample also has a time picker?

If you mean minicalendar by “time picker”, it can be added if you need. How to do it is described in the article in one of my previous reply.

No, sorry. I mean the time picker… The “16:00” and “18:00”. That’s what I mean…

Sorry for the confusion.

Then yes, the sample also has a time picker as you can see.
Sorry, I don’t understand your question, because you ask and at the same time answer yourself with an attached screenshot :worried:
Do you want to hide these fields with time? Or smth else? Please clarify in details what is your issue and what you want to implement. Otherwise I can’t help you because I do not inderstand your requirements.