Apostrophe in timeline resources

Good afternoon!

In the newer releases of Scheduler (presumably when the new timelines were introduced), the use of an apostrophe/single-quote in a resource key no longer works properly.

Unfortunately, some of my clients use the text of the resource as the key of the resource. So a resource record might be:
[{key: “Charlie’s practice”, label: “Charlie’s practice”}, {key: “Kim”, label: “Kim”}, {key: “Harry”, label: “Harry”}]

When an apostrophe is introduced to the key as above, the timeline still renders properly, but any clicking, dragging, or other manipulation of events fails. It still works fine in Unit views.

Is there a workaround to handle this scenario?

We using Scheduler 5.2.3. We are also using a custom PHP gateway to read & write data from our database.

Hello @kdoronzio

I tried to reproduce the issue using the snippet tool with latest Scheduler version (now it is v.5.3.8), and it is not reproduced for me: http://snippet.dhtmlx.com/5/37c89a726

Please try either update the Scheduler version in your project or update the code of the snippet to replicate the issue and share the new link with me.

Actually, it was pretty easy to break your example. The apostrophe you used was not a straight apostrophe - it was a special character. By replacing it with a straight single quote, I was able to reproduce the problem in your snippet.

Thank you @kdoronzio

I confirm the issue. I will let you know here when it will be fixed (in near future, I hope in several days).

Good afternoon.

Has there been any progress on this?
Thank you.

Hello @kdoronzio

It was fixed and will be released in the next update. If you are a licensed user - please contact our team in support to get a fix faster.