apostrophes in event titles

I am using the WordPress plugin for dhtmlxScheduler and noticed that the event titles get properly escaped when being saved to the database, but were not coming back from the database with the slashes removed.

I dug around and resolved this by editing line 15 in the file codebase/connector/scheduler_connector.php:



Hope this helps you!

Normally such issue must not occurs, maybe you have “magic quotes” enabled in your php installation, which will result in extra escape chars.

No, I actually don’t have magic quotes enabled. I am also noticing the escapes showing up in the admin “Event Administration” screen panel too. Haven’t found where to handle those yet. Can you point me in the right direction?

You can alter





Hello All,

I have tried to insert


The problem is that it still keeps the slash before the ’ in st patrick’s day. do you know how I can get rid of the extra slash?





I have tried both of the suggestions from the link; however, I have been unable to get either to remove the . I was able to get it to be removed from the sidebar widget by placing
$events[$i][‘text’] = str_replace ("\", “”, $events[$i][‘text’]);
$event = str_replace("{TEXT}", stripslashes($events[$i][‘text’]), $event); at line 197 of scheduler.php.

Do you have any Ideas as to removing the extra \ for the main calendar?

Thank you,