Appearance disorder when a toolbar embeded in statusbar

I embed a toolbar in a layout statusbar so that the toolbar can be positioned at the bottom.
However, the height of a toolbar is obviously more than that of the statusbar. Consequently the frames and contents of the layout cells still assume the toolbar is the same height as the statusbar, whereas it isn’t.
So how can I solve this?
Thanks in advance.

Please, provide us completed demo to inspect it … pport.html

It’s strange that I cannot upload the demo files reading:
Could not upload attachment to ./files/9279_fb45c1381ecdcd08b3435733ecae8cb1.

I’ve tried several times and get the same message.

Please send it on with a link to this topic

From 4.2 version method attachStatusBar can provide you a possibility to set custom height of status bar container … usbar.html
You can upgrade your dhtmlx version to the newest to get this possibility

That’s great. Thanks Darya!

You are welcome!