Apply a style to a task

I use the following approach to apply a custom style to a task:

gantt.templates.task_class = function(start, end, task) { ... }

but it applies the style not only to the task but also the left and right side text. I know that i can apply an additional style to the left and right side text but in case the style applied to the task is an animation it affects the side text too.

I would like to apply the style ONLY to the gantt_task_content class (without beeing affected the left and right side text)

Any solution?

You can add .gantt_task_content to the new background style. For example:

  .pictured .gantt_task_content{
   	background-color: rgba(178,209,102,0.517) !important;
    filter: hue-rotate(10deg);


Here is the snippet: