Apply template to custom field containing a link


I’m struggling to add an link either into the details or a custom field in the lightbox. Don’t really care how it’s done. I can add the custom field fine and have examined the html_templates_plugin sample but can’t get a link to render.

This is the last bit of functionality we need before purchasing the commercial license.

Many thanks


OK I’ve manged to insert the link in the lightbox header but I think an easier way might to use the button in the section header.

I’ll give that a go but there’s a error in your documentation relating to this (not defining the data element):

scheduler.locale.labels.button_help=“Help label”;
scheduler.form_blocks.textarea.button_click=function(index, src, sec, data){
//called on button click
// index - index of section
// sec - html element of section header
// sec - html element of section editor