Applying CSS style to Toolbar buttons

[code]myToolbar.addButtonSelect(“new”, 0, “View By”, newOpts, “”, “”);

        myToolbar.addSeparator("sep1", 1);
        myToolbar.addButton("Save", 2, "Save", "AddToQueue_16.png", "AddToQueue_16.png");
        myToolbar.addSeparator("sep2", 3);
        myToolbar.addButton("Approve", 4, "Approve", "Activate_16.png", "Activate_16.png");
        myToolbar.addSeparator("sep3", 5);
        myToolbar.addButton("Reject", 6, "Reject", "Deactivate_16.png", "Deactivate_16.png");
        myToolbar.addSeparator("sep4", 7);
        myToolbar.addButton("Notes", 8, "Add Notes", "AddToQueue_16.png", "AddToQueue_16.png");[/code]

I have a toolbar with buttons like shown in the code above, I have applied the dhx_terrace theme but I want the buttons to follow my custom css style. Do we know I can attach a css class to my buttons? I am interested in a different color and hover effect.

You can modify buttons directly in the script:

obj = toolbar.objPull[toolbar.idPrefix+"save_as"].obj; = "red";
“save_as” is a button ID

onhover result:

It would be nice if you told me that information out.