Appropriate License

I realize that this topic has been broached numerous times in this forum, and I have read them all. But legalese pretty much makes my brain go numb, so I want to be sure I understand the requirements before continuing to develop using DHTMLX controls.

First…I really like the controls and how they are used.

I am updating an existing application (EXE that runs on the client computer) that converts client content to a website. The website can’t be run locally (ok…can in localhost). It is uploaded to a server to run. Either our server or one of their own. There is no need to have DHTMLX code on the client machine…it would be on the server.

If I understand the licenses, if they post to our server (which would have the DHTMLX code in an appropriate location that their links would point to, because it is our code that wrote the links), then the commercial license would be appropriate. I could have as many instances of the site running on our server (under one domain name) as I wanted.

If they want to host the pages on their own server, then I would need an enterprise license.

All web functionality is created by one or more of our developers. What we are basically doing is creating a template. Our EXE then converts the client’s proprietary content and drops it into the template and uploads it all to the server.

Is this correct?


Steve Lambert

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In short, this use case requires the Enterprise License.