Are All DHTMLX components Compatible/Tested with Adobe AIR?


Sorry, but I can’t find a specific forum topic for my question, which is:

Are ALL DHTMLX components tested for compatibility and will work with Adobe AIR, especially AIR’s security rules (e.g., no “eval” calls, etc…)?


The only place where eval is used - parsing of json data, if you are not using loading from json - eval will not be used.

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for your reply.

I do use JSON data in most of my AIR apps. Your response points to your component(s) using eval() to parse JSON data. However, if your component libraries meet the following AIR security rules, it is possible I can use your components. The Adobe AIR docs state that:

“…These restrictions do not prevent using eval() with JSON object literals. This lets your application content work with the JSON JavaScript library. However, you are restricted from using overloaded JSON code (with event handlers)…”

The above is taken from the following Adobe AIR documentation page: … a3fc7-7fe7

Do your compontents adhere to the above rule. If so, nice!

Thanks again.