Are there any way to add tag or category to each event ?

hi !

the dhtmlxScheduler product is very interesting (maybe the most i ever saw in this kind).
But there’s one crucial leak feature : you can’t add tags(many) or categories to each event.
In the min need, it could be just a new free field of 5 caracters near the title box; and in the best perfect way it should be a combo box where we would choose many tags and they will be symbolised my icon in the calendar view.

did you plan this new feature ? is there any way to paid for ?

again, congratulation for this great ajax widget.

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If you mean standalone scheduler ( not pugin ) - it can be customized to have any custom fields inside details form and any custom data in rendered view. … tails_form … om_styling

Default editor types allows to create a one-to-one selections only. But it possible to create a custom editor type , which will allow multiple selection, and few lines to connector code on server side, which will correctly save one-to-may info in DB.

thanks for your reply.

ok, can we add custom field too in the joomla dhtmlx extension too ? or only in the no-extension version ?

Not in the current version, but we are preparing update which will allow such functionality for WP and Joomla plugins.