Area chart question

I have a question about the area chart.
I would like to write value on the top of the area chart like bar chart.
Is that possible?
Thank you in advance.


area chart allows to set label if vertical scale is not used. In the other case labels are not set.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand
please give me a sample.

I meant that it is impossible to set labels if you use vertical scale - yAxis.

After I don’t user vertical scale - yAxis like you said,
it is’s still shown labels on the top of the area chart.

Please see the sample in the chart package:


I did’t like you said (sample site)
but it happens js errors.
(;if(e)“px”;ret ==> here)

I changed padding option like
padding: {
top: 13,
bottom: 35,
right: 13,
left: 40
padding: {
left: 0,
right: 0,
bottom: 0
(the other is same)

ps.the attached file is that I would you like draw.(I draw by painter temporarily) (14.5 KB)


as I have already answered, area chart doesn’t draw labels if there is a vertical axis for a chart.

There are horizontal and vertical axises in your picture. Therefore, it is impossible to set labels.

but it happens js errors.

We have not reproduced the problem with the latest chart version. It is attached here: