and dhtmlxscheduler


I am statirg using dhtmlxscheduler and i have read all information about scheduler and .net but i dont undertand almost anything so i wonder if someone could help me with a step by step example, including ashx files and how this files are used in .net conector… Because i have never used them in my projects…

  1. js needed.
  2. css needed.
  3. basic example.
  4. server side connector and ashx file… tutorial or something tha explain me how it works…
    5)Example with this connector.

Thanks in advanced…

You can check the sample of scheduelr and .Net at

Basic steps how init scheduler on the page are described here … ialization


But, about this connector, i dont undertand anything… i have never used this kind of file type (ashx) and i wonder if somebody has a complete example with scheduler and

If there is someone… please can you send the project to

In fact, I have copied de ashx file in my example code and i dont get joining the aspx part with my cs part. it seems to be two files instead of one, like in connector example.

Anybody knows why my server parts is separated from my aspx part?

thanks very much in advanced…