ASP.Net dhtmxGantt Class

Hi there

I have created a vb class to render HTML based on properties of the dhtmlGantt object. The generated HTML can be parsed to a web control or saved to a file to display the dhtmlxGantt chart. This is based on how far I have learned and understood the object itself. This is indeed a very impressive product and I love it!

Please note this does not replace the pipelined plans to have an version of the object from here. If you want a c# version you can use SharpDevelop and convert the vb class to c#. The class is hosted here…


Really this is a very impressive product.I used it and got benefit. this product can help all the c# developers.

I put a simple page together, but consistently hit this error in the emitted javascript:

 Unhandled exception at line 158, column 1 in [localhost:49269/GanttChart.aspx](http://localhost:49269/GanttChart.aspx)

0x800a01b6 - JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘_pos_from_date’

The line is
gantt.scrollTo(gantt._pos_from_date(new Date(2014, 6, 21)));
Any ideas on how to deal with it?

Thanks for the cool work!

Yep, the inner _pos_from_date method was replaced in version 2.0 with public posFromDate

I found it hard-coded in the class. Fixed.