master page?

I can’t seem to get the gantt chart to load in using a master page (I’m having issues with MVC as well.). The init function is called but the data is not displayed. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone provide direction or working code?


please attach a small demo project, it will help to locate the issue.
As a quick check - try specifying a fixed height of a gantt container (e.g. ‘600px’), probably you have a relative ‘100%’ which becomes a ‘0px’ when rendered within a master layout

I did have height and width at 100%. I changed them and it worked! Thanks Aliaksandr!

However, the modal popups for adding projects/tasks and aren’t working now. They appear above the header in the aspx.

This may happen if the css styles of the lightbox is missing (which is not likely since it defined in dhtmlxgantt.css), or if css position of the lightbox has been changed from absolute to static of relative.
Please inspect the form element with a browser dev tools, maybe it will show the issue. If it’s not - please send a small demo project

Please see attached project.
ProjectDashboard.7z (1010 KB)


I got it working. I replaced the dhtmlxgantt.css and dhtmlxgantt.js files in in my project and it appears to be working. Thanks you for your time.