Assign hours/week or month


I return with another challenge:
I need a way to assign a resource a number of hours/week or month. In the DB I need it to be entered as a recurring event (for statistics). I got that covered. I just take the hours and split them between the days equally and maybe put a flag on them so I know they are not recurring. But… is there a way I can represent these events in a new view (timeline like) that look like continuous events (they should occupy the whole week) and maybe add an info in the label that says the time that resource needs to spend on a particular project in that week(20h).

It should look something like this:

I think I actually need a way to display an event that is recurring (with a special flag for identification) as a continuous event from start_date 00:00 to end_date 23:59 in the normal timeline, not necessarily a new view!

Thank you!