Assign multiple owners or resources to one task


Hi team!
Is there any way to assign more than one resource or person to the same task

For example, if there is a task, the starting date is March 1st, and the duration is 5, how can I make Tom work the first two days, make jack work the third day, and finally make Tom work the last two days


Hi Chang,
Unfortunately, the way you want to split the task for each user is not possible at the moment. A resource can only be assigned for the entire duration of a task.
Now the only way to assign executives to different stages of a task is to break the task down into subtasks and to assign users to these subtasks.
We have this feature planned for some further version, but I can’t give you any ETA.


The dev team added the feature to assign different resource values to different dates on the same task:
You can check how it works in the following sample: