Assign resources to events via a 3rd table


Hi, i’m trying to connect resources and events with a 3rd table. The basic idea is that this 3rd table has 3 columns: ID, EventID and ResourceID. Everytime I assign resources to a ticket a new row gets created in this table.

I have been able to get resources assign to events with a column in events that takes the resource id, but I don’t like this method.

I have tried modifying the CRUD operations, but haven’t been successful.



Could you please send an example that you are trying to make work? This will help me understand how it works now and how I can help to solve your issue.


HomeController.cs (9.4 KB)

So this is what i’ve got so far. In my controller if I make an event and it gets ID: 8. And I assign 2 resources to it with ID: 1 and 2. It will create 2 rows in my table:

| id | event_id | resource_id|
| 1 | 8 | 1|
| 1 | 8 | 2|

Now I need to display this properly in my Lightbox, Timeline view and Unit view, but i don’t know where to start.


Never mind, I already fixed it.