Assorted eval questions before PRO purchase

I am evaluating the Scheduler before purchase and have few questions please:

  1. instead of the ‘lightbox’ can I have choose to show a popup with my own iframe in order to edit the data?

  2. can I disable inline editing on the scheduler?

  3. Can I extend the buttons (e.g. edit/delete) to the left of an event?

  4. Is it possible to add a context menu to on event?

  5. If I load extra fields of information from the DB for an event, can I adapt the contents of the event with some HTML code?

  6. Can I extend the grid view with additional fields?

  7. when an event is edited in any way (e.g. moved to new unit/changed time) is there an event that I can validate the alteration and approve/reject - and if rejected it reverts to previous position?

  8. There is a feature to allow multiple conflicting events. If I am using the unit view, can I allow some units to permit conflicts, and others not? (This one is really important for me!)

Thank you

  1. You could use fully custom lightbox.
    See article: … _form.html
  2. You could set edit_on_create to false and remove edit icon from menu.
    scheduler.config.edit_on_create = false;
    scheduler.config.icons_select = [‘icon_details’, ‘icon_delete’];
    See articles: … onfig.html … onfig.html
  3. You could define custom set of icons on left part.
    See article: … _bars.html
  4. You could use onContextMenu handler to show you context menu.
    See links: … xMenu.html … event.html
  5. You could use templates to add any content (html) ino event bar.
    See article: … ntent.html
    Also you could define custom box for events:
    See article: … splay.html
  6. In createGridView function you could define fields you need.
    See article:
  7. You could use onBeforeEventChanged handler and return false if you don’t want to save changes amd true othervise.
    See article: … event.html
  8. In this case you could use onEventCollision handler and return true or false according to your case.
    See article: … event.html