Attach a footer to tabbar


I tried using attachFooter function for attaching a footer to the tabbar in version dhtmlx 4. but it gives error saying object does not support property or method.
I checked the documentation that there is such a function so why does it not work ?

I need to add a footer that has Previous , Next buttons on the tabbar.
I don’t want to add this to every tab.

attachFooter is method of the grid
For tabbar you probably will want to use attachStatusBar … usbar.html

Yes but that is at individual Cell/ Tab level.
I need at a tabbar level. since my tabs are dynamic and I don’t want to keep adding the same buttons to all the tabs.

Is there no way I can do as below mentioned URL … ooter.html

You can place a tabbar in a cell and add status to the same cell

Check the next snippet