Attach Calendar to several text inputs

When i attach Calendar to several text inputs and choose three different dates and then click on the first inputbox again the date the calender doesnt show the same date as the inputbox.

Let say i choose 2010-01-01 in the first and 2010-02-02 in the second and 2010-03-03 in the third. Then if i click the first inputbox the calender shows March instead of January.

The problem is not reproduced locally:


I have same issue, the calendar doesnt show the inputbox value


make sure that you use the latest calendar version.

Hi, im using the latest version of calendar, and the issue still happening :s

a capture


I’ve attached the working sample. (47.8 KB)

Hi Alexandra,
I downloaded the zip and…

is the same Behavior for me :open_mouth:

calendar still showing the last date :confused:

Im using IE8 and Chrome

is very weird :confused: :confused:


we have managed to recreate the problem. When the fix is ready, we’ll send it