Attach dhtmlx components to dhtmlxToolbar e.g. dhtmlxCombo

Is it possible to attach/append dhtmlx components to dhtmlxCombo in the same it can be done with dhtmlxLayout? I need to include dhtmlxCalendar date picker and dhtmlxCombo along with the buttons.

I see now there was a post in 2007 regarding embedding dhtmlxCombo in dhtmlxToolbar. Any progress since then?

Can you add an graphic result of your request, please?

2007 post was viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2168&p=6111&hilit=dhtmlxCombo+dhtmlxToolbar#p6111, which included a workaround. I’m looking at dhtmlxForms for this now, but dhtmlxForms doesn’t seem to provide icon/image buttons the way dhtmlxToolbar does for some reason. :frowning: But dhtmlxsForms does include the other dhtmlx components I’m looking for and allows for multiple lines.

Here’s a screen shot of a multi-line toolbar with different components …

  1. You can place combo in layout’s, window’s, accordion’s headers anda even in a tab, but it will be creating combo in a div and placing this div in the name of header/tab. I.e.
dhxWins.window(id).setText("<div id='combodiv' ....></div>");

Also you can attach combo to the toolbar and menu pannels (by the same approach).

  1. If you want such result as on the picture, the best way is really use the dhtmlxForm.
    You can create toolbar and below place form.
    OR you can do it with form ONLY creating a custom item (i mean pictures, buttons and so on): … ustom_item