Attach event (onTextChanged) for input in dhtmlxRibbon

Dear master,
you are kindly requested to explain how to attach onTextChanged event for inout
in dhtmlxRibbon.
Thanks …

There is no such event. But if can you explain the idea of this event usage, we will try to find the most suitable for you

thanks for your replay .
the idea is :
I have 2 input box and when the user try to edit input1 then input2 should be cleared and
when he try to edit input2 then input1 should be cleared too. one input box should be edited.


add once after dhtmlx.js loaded:

dhtmlXRibbon.prototype.getInput = function(id) { var item = this._items[id]; if (item == null || item.type != "input") return null; return this.items[item.type].getInput(item); }; dhtmlXRibbon.prototype.items.input.getInput = function(item){ return item.base.childNodes[0]; };

then attach html events to your inputs:

var input_1 = myRibbon.getInput("input_1"); var input_2 = myRibbon.getInput("input_2"); function checkInputs(e) { e = e||event; var t =||e.srcElement; if (t == input_1) input_2.value = ""; if (t == input_2) input_1.value = ""; } if (typeof(window.addEventListener) == "function") { input_1.addEventListener("blur", checkInputs, false); input_2.addEventListener("blur", checkInputs, false); } else { input_1.attachEvent("onblur", checkInputs); input_2.attachEvent("onblur", checkInputs); }

myRibbon.getInput will added into next update

Great …!!!
thank you very much. that exactly what I was searching
I appreciate your hlep.