attach gantt to dhtmlx object

is it possible to attach a dhtmlGantt to a dhtmlTabBar (for example)?

I tried also to add the js and css files for gantt to my project.
These are the include I had:

I then add the 2 gantt lines:

As soon as I did I got this error:

TypeError: dhtmlx.destructors is undefined
Line 511

Is there any incompatibility between some js?
I downloaded the gantt files from the link below:

Thank in advance for any kind of support.


We will investigate a problem

As quick solution:

In case of correct init, all layout components will have the attachGantt method

var gantt = tabbar.cells("id").attachGantt();


the new library and the different position of includes had positive effect.
I can load the whole project correctly.

I’m now getting the following:

TypeError: tabToolGantt.attachGantt is not a function
Line 1016

doing this:

	var tabToolGantt = tabAccount.cells('tabToolGantt');
	var gantt = tabToolGantt.attachGantt();

Is the Gantt is available only on PRO version of the library?
Or I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,