Attached Combobox with accent


We have a very strange problem.

We have 3 combobox attached for Country/State/City. On the french version of the site, we have issue with accent in text. For exemple, if we have the country “États-Unis” (United-States), it won’t show the state for this country, it will generate a LoadXML error.

When I look at the request in Firebug, I get the error 406 Unacceptable with this request url :
myserver/xml/region_xml.php?pare … 3239430120

The strange thing is, this behaviour only happen if the combobox are loaded into an iframe. When I create a very basic page, with the 3 combobox, connected to the same PHP file (PHP/MySQL), it works perfectly.

Successful result with this request url:
myserver/xml/region_xml.php?pare … 3239669480

But my page is loaded into a tabpage, using the attachURL method, that will create an iFrame.

This only clue I have is that when I load my page directly (not in iFrame), the É of États-Unis is encoded with %C3%89, and when it is loaded in an iFrame, the encoding translate É with %C9.

Any idea?

Please help!



check that encoding of the page with combo is the same as encoding of the data and xml that you load into combo.

Here you may find the possible reasons for incorrect xml problem: … orrect_xml