I open a new tab, attachToolbar(), make some text gadgets, then attachEditor(). But the editor opens to the full tab height/width, overwriting the toolbar and my gadgets. It doesn’t take anything previously made into consideration.

Could this be looked at for the new 3.0 release?

Weird. On a different computer the editor didn’t cover the toolbar. I figured it would still cover the gadgets I added.

Could you provide a sample that allows to recreate the problem locally?

I got it to not cover the toolbar. Must have been something I was doing.

What I need still is a way to attachToolbar(), make some custom gadgets below it, then attachEditor() below those. But it still covers them and goes right to bottom of the toolbar.

What I need is something like:

attachObject() such as a div of any height to put my gadgets in

I have to use attachEditor(); can’t manaully create it.

There is not possibility to attach both html object and editor to the same cell. You may attach an html object with editor container (in this case editor won’t be initialized by attachEditor method) and other html content.

The other solution is to attach “2E” layout and place an object into “a” cell and editor to the “b” cell.