attachEvent doesn't work in Firefox

Hi guys,

I was looking long time for good agenda and scheduler for web application, and yesterday I found your product, which is, I must say, perfect one. It does fit my needs, but the only thing that makes me crazy is: attachEvent doesn’t work in Firefox!!!

Here is what I done up to now:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventAdded”, eventAddedHandler);
scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventChanged”, eventChangedHandler);
scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeEventDelete”, eventDeletedHandler);

function eventAddedHandler(event_id, event_object)
{ alert(“Event added!”); }

function eventChangedHandler(event_id, event_object)
{ alert(“Event updated!”); }

function eventDeletedHandler(event_id, event_object)
{ alert(“Event deleted!”); }

Code works perfectly in Chrome in IE7+, but in Firefox, it does not fire.

Please suggest me what to do, because I’m planning to use it in my commercial application, and I will buy this from you, but only in the case I make sure it is really cross-browser.

Why the event is not removed when I put the handling code for deletion? Can you give me an example of making a handler which will do something, and, depending from boolean return value of operation, event will(not) be removed.

Thanks in advance and all the best,
Brindic Nebojsha

As for FF problem - try to reorganize code and define custom functions before attachEvent calls

I put the handling code for deletion?
Be sure to end you custom handler with “return true;” or it will block default scheduler reaction ( where it possible )

function eventDeletedHandler(event_id, event_object){ alert("Event deleted!"); return true; }

Thank you very much!!! All of your suggestions did the trick! I am approaching to the next level :slight_smile: As soon as I get acceptance of my clients, I will buy this stuff from you. It really, really rocks. But I have to study its api a little…

All the best,
Nebojsha Brindic