attachEvent on combo in a grid


I’m using a grid, and in the 5th column i want to set a combo.
The grid is initialized by XML, and in the header i put :


First Second Third [/code]

If i display the combo object by console.log(mygrid.getCombo(4));
i see the object dhtmlXGridComboObject which contains the 3 values, but if i try to call the attachEvent method on it, i get an error

What did i miss ?
Thank you for your answer.

co/coro excells are not a dhtmlxCombo object.
Could you clarify what event are you trying to add and the using code.

My need is to detect two kinds of actions from the user :

  • he changes the value of the selectbox (no problem, any browser manage correctly this onchange event)
  • he selects the same value than the one that was previously selected. (From the case of my original post : the selectbox is set to “First”, and the user opens the selectbox and select “First” again).

So i want attach an event to the selectbox (onchange or an other more suitable).

It is not possible to attach an event to co/coro excells ?

Thank you

Please, try to use the onEditCell event of the dhtmlxGrid: … event.html