attachEvent onClick to open another set of events

I have a scheduler event, onClick of that I open another set of events on the same scheduler just below that, which is working fine.

But if I have more event gets opened and if there is already a another parent event (JW READINESS 1) below that, then the child events from parent (JW TEST 12) gets opened (e.g. 3 child events) 2 above another parent event “JW READINESS 1”, and 1 below parent “JW READINESS 1”.

Look wise, it’s not great, as event “JW READINESS 1” is in between child events of event “JW TEST 12”.

Is it possible to force open the child events of event “JW TEST 12”, so it pushes the event “JW READINESS 1” further down, and all the child or event “JW TEST 12” are displayed together?



Unfortunately no. There is no “parent” or “child” relationships in Scheduler.

All events in the Timeline view display according to the rule that the earlier the event starts, the higher it is displayed (if there is free space on top).