attachEvent possible for a specific Tabbar?

Hi all

Is there a way to add a Event for a specific Tab (identified by ID) ?

If I do it that way the event is for every Tab in the Tabbar, but I want it for the Tab with the ID xy.
I have Tabs with ID like AA, BB, CC, … and I wanna add a event to the Tab with ID AA to indicate that the content of this Tab is fully loaded (change text, icon, skincolor, or something else.)

tabbar.attachEvent(“onTabContentLoaded”, function(id,prevId) {
alert(“finished [”+id+“]”);

Hope it’s clear what I mean… :wink:

Thanks a lot !


I think you can use something like this:

tabbar.attachEvent("onTabContentLoaded", function(id,prevId) { if(id=="AA") alert("finished ["+id+"]"); });

Hello Alexandra

Sorry for my very late answer ! :blush:

Hmm, the problem is that I ahve not only fixed names for the tab names.
They are created dynamicly like “AA_”+sys_name or “BB_”+sys_name.

But I have there a idea, please let my try that before I answer you again.

Your support in this forum is VERY helpfull, thank you very much !!! :smiley: