attachfooter and wordwrap

Can u please suggest on how to implement the ‘WordWrap’ functionality in ‘attachFooter’?

Actually such behavior enabled by default. The content inside footer will automatically wrap on next line ( please beware that if you have a single long work without white-spaces it will not be wrapped on next line )

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the value is getting wrapped up. But the value is being displayed only of the first line. The wrapped data is not being displayed(Its hidden).

Please let me know, should we set any property to display the wrapped data.
I.e. to show the footer with more than one rowspan.

In default mode grid autosize header|footer by content size - which mean component resize footer to show all data in it.
If you changed data in footer by some kind of direct manipulation, it may be necessary to call
to normalize footer height.