AttachFooter late on chrome (issue to getLabelValue)


I’m having an issue on trying to get the value of the footer on codument ready event.

I aim to display the content of the footer (containing a statistic counter) on an other div which is outside my grid.
So, using Jquery, I update the text of the concerned div with the getvaluelabel() function with argument the associated footer cell.

That works well on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

But,on google Chrome (last version tested), the attachFooter event is triggered after my document.ready ( also tried with window.load and onXLE event). and so getvaluelabel returns “” (empty string).

I tried triggering OnGridReconstructed as well,without success.

So,is there an event I should try or a other way to go through this.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

There is no special event for the footer adding
Which API you are using to add footer ? In case of adding from xml - on moment of onXLE event footer must be already in place.

Indeed,I made a mistake with my treatment onXLE.

That works fine.

Note for users: on document ready can be triggered before onXLE.

Thanks again.