attachHeader data

Dear support

I have attachHeaders in grid.

The grid is initialized from java generated xml file.

The String for attachHeader is also generated by java. I am calling the attachHeader function in tag.

I used

mygrid.hdr.rows[head].cells[co].innerText for IE and

mygrid.hdr.rows[head].cells[co].textContent for FF.

When attchHeader data has any spaces it will display correctly but when I try to get the header data I will get with too many spaces for just a single spacel.

In IE its working perfectly OK. The problem is in FF.

for example.

AttachHeader data :- ABC DEF

i am getting(mygrid.hdr.rows[head].cells[co].textContent) :- ABC DEF

In case of FF the textContent property returns value exactly as it was in original HTML, IE generate text representation as it rendered, so it collapse multiple whitespaces in single one.
Such behavior based on browser engine and can’t be changed, just be sure that initial value has not unnecessary whitespaces and you will get the same result in both browsers.

I have seen that a single whitespace is resulted into new line .
How to control this?
This is very frustrating.
Plz help me out.

I have seen that a single whitespace is resulted into new line .
There must not be such behavior. The browser returns the data exactly as it was set.
If problem still occurs for you - please send any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to )