attaching 2 grid in the same cell of a layyout


I have a 2e layout. In each of the cells i have first attached a tabbar.

My tabbar has 3 tabs.

My problem is for each of my tabs in need to display 2 grids side by side…

Is it possible to set the top-left-right-bottom sizes???



if you want the grids are correctly resized when layout cell is resized, you should use 2U (or 2E) layout inside tab:

var layoutA = tabbar.cells(“a”).attachLayout(“2U”);

var grid1 = layoutA.cells(“a”).attachGrid();

var grid2 = layoutA.cells(“b”).attachGrid();

My grids will be palced besides each other and I want to set different positions for those 2 grids…

Such scenario can’t be created by using layout
As something similar - you can attach tabbar to the cell and attach two grids to the different tabs