Attaching Calendar to Button

I am trying to create 5 seperate input fields each with the different values of time. I want to have them set up so someone can quickly tab from one to the next and type in the date they want. I’ve included a picture to explain. However, I also want a button that brings up a calendar and can update the date in the boxes.

Is this possible dhtmlxCalendar? I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

I created for you an example based on HTML inputs, but you can use form template: … m_template
or create a custom item: … ustom_item

Use onClick event to fill all the inputs.


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Thank you so much. You would not believe the amount of time I spent trying to get it to work by myself before finding this board.

I meant to ask whether it is possible to make the calendar more touch friendly without using the touch skin. I want to keep the functionality which allows clicking on the year/month/time to select from a dropdown but I also want to have a larger calendar to click on.