Attaching Gantt to tabbar & layout

Is it possible to attach the Gantt chart to a tabbar or layout as a widget?

If I create a HTML container in a tab or layout cell I can initially get the Gantt to display, but if I goto another tab or hide a layout cell then the HTML container is destroyed and the Gantt is not appearing again afterwards.

Also having it in HTML means I cannot attach it to a tab that is hidden.

Hello Tony,
DHTMLX Gantt and DHTMLX Suite are different components. They don’t have integration with one another.
But it is possible to add Gantt to DHTMLX Layout.
Here is an example:

If you want to attach Gantt to a tab in the tabbar, you need to use the change event handler and initialize Gantt inside the specified container:

To do that after the data is repainted, you can wrap that function by the dhx.awaitRedraw() helper:

When you open a tab with Gantt, you need to create a new Gantt instance, and after switching to a different tab, you need to destroy the Gantt instance.
Here is an example of how it can be implemented: