Attaching javascript event to LightBox Controls

Let’s say I’d like to attach an onchange event to a LightBoxSelect how can I achieve it?
If the user click on LightBoxSelect, another lightbox control should be updateded with a new value.
I was checking this page … ler:events
but I didn’t find anything regarding this possibility.

I solved this way

Server-side I had to add an afterinitTemplates, because this way it didn’t give me any error when I retrieve a value with method “formSection”.
“BeforeInit” gave me some errors due to scheduler not fully initialized.


client-side nothing fancy, just adding the listener to the control on the afterinit Function

[code]function afterInitTemplates()
scheduler.formSection(“AgendaId”).control.onchange = SelectCombo;

function SelectCombo()
var index = scheduler.formSection(“AgendaId”).control.selectedIndex;
var value = scheduler.formSection(“AgendaId”).control[index].value;

scheduler.formSection("lnkTravelData").node.childNodes[0].href = "/TravelData?id=" + value;