Attaching Server-Side Sorting Function To Grid Headers

I am using the DHTMLx touch grid to display part of a large data-set. The data is loaded into the grid in chunks of 25 with user paging more data into the grid. The built-in sort functions are very handy but they only apply to data currently loaded into the grid.

Is there a way to attach a custom function to the grid headers which will allow me to detect which header column is pressed so I can do some server-side sorting and clear/load the sorted data into the grid?

There is not such an event. But you may redefine existing “header click” handler, as in:

$$(“grid”).on_click[“dhx_grid_header”] = function(e){
var id = dhx.html.locate(e,“column_id”);

Thanks for the info … DHTMLx is a truly brilliant product